Why The CVA Cascade 350 Legend Remains as Relevant as Ever

Believe it or not, bolt action rifles like the CVA Cascade 350 Legend have been in existence since 1824 – that’s almost two centuries. However, its undoubted longevity has given some cause to think that this kind of weapon has had its day. We’re here to tell you that the demise of the bolt action rifle has been greatly exaggerated. 

In the hunting world, the bolt action rifle is as relevant today as it was when introduced all those years ago. The same advantages provided can be enjoyed to the same degree today, so let’s check out what those timeless benefits are, and you can make your own decision howitstart.

The CVA Cascade 350 Legend Is So Dependable 

AR-15-style semi-automatic weapons give you lots of rounds when you need them! However, they can’t compare to bolt action rifles in terms of reliability – largely due to the lack of moving parts. The simple design of weapons like the CVA Cascade 350 Legend means there’s much less that can malfunction – meaning it rarely ever does. 

Bolt action rifles have a proven track record of working in the most challenging and inhospitable environments. Semi-automatic weapons are more technologically advanced, but they’re prone to stoppages – something bolt action options just don’t suffer with. 

Simple Design = They’re Easy to Use

The aforementioned simple design of bolt action weapons results in a weapon that’s super-easy to understand and use – even if you’re a complete novice to firearms. Once you’ve seen someone open the bolt action and fire a couple of rounds, it’s pretty easy to work out yourself – not something you can say about your typical AR-15. 

They’re Also Super Accurate 

The topic of accuracy and bolt action rifles is a hotly-contested one, but the facts are there to see. Single-shot, bolt-action rifles are always going to offer greater accuracy – it’s something that most shooters will agree with, at least among those who’ve tried both. So, when you’re in a situation where you can’t afford to miss, you should put your money on bolt action rifles every time. 

They’re Cheaper Than the Alternatives

Another big tick in the positive column is the price point at which these weapons are available. An AR-15 can cost you big bucks, with some costing more than $1,000. However, with a bolt action, you can pick one up for around $300-$400. This, again, is due to their simple design and the fact they cost a lot less to manufacture. 

The CVA Cascade 350 Legend – A Great Value Hunting Option 

Before you choose to write off the bolt action rifle, remember that it’s still as relevant in the firearms world as it was when it first appeared in 1824. It’s a cost-effective choice that gives you great accuracy and reliability, and they’re easy enough to use for those who’ve never fired a gun before. 

Whichever way you look at rifles like these, they offer a timeless appeal and benefits that never go out of date. Whether hunting or defending your home, weapons that cost under $400 give you more than you might think, and they’re easier to aim than a pistol – meaning you’ll usually hit what you’re firing at.

It’s hard to argue against buying one if the truth be known, so we’d recommend giving them serious consideration when you come to buy your next weapon. 

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