Why should you consider getting spare keys made?

There are a lot of reasons to keep the locks updated and also have spare parts to help us out of different types of trouble, and not only applies to residences, this law should be applied both at home, such as apartments and businesses, as we can all have this accident regardless of our property.

As for the frequency of key extraction, it is recommended that it be every four years if you have not lost either the original or the copy, in case you do not have a copy or you have already lost the first one, the best thing you can do is to get one immediately without thinking too much to avoid from intrusions to an unpleasant moment after returning from work and realizing that you left the keys in the office.

The need for protection is something we all have, but many times we don’t know that the best ways to get it comes from small preventive actions such as having a copy of our car or home keys. Read on, we will bring you a few main reasons why you should consider this fact. 

Preventing key breakage

Not only can your keys get lost, you may also need a copy if they break before entering your home or even inside the lock. In fact, you may be able to avoid breaking a key if you get a quality copy and change it every time you start to see small flaws when you open your door or a little rust around it. Then you might have the unfortunate luck of having it break inside the lock and not just taking it out carefully and using your other spare key, but having to call a locksmith to fix the problem, which could be more expensive. 

Access to more members

If you don’t live alone, have a girlfriend, trusted friends, parents, siblings and even a cleaning service, you could give them the possibility to enter your home whenever you want if you have different pairs of key copies. Clearly you won’t be giving them away to everyone you meet, but trusting someone is always important in case you need help with your home when you’re far away. Even if your own copies get lost, these people can come to your rescue and open your door with a copy.

Peace of mind on any outing

Think about if you are going on a trip and need your dog or plants taken care of, by simply giving a duplicate of your keys instead of the originals, you will have more freedom to focus on your vacation. It is excellent to have someone take care of your home during your absence as it gives the feeling that there is mobility within your home and thus prevents burglars from taking your home as their next focus. 

What we must recommend is that whenever you choose to make a copy of keys, do it with a locksmith, whether commercial or residential, as they are the only professionals with good machinery to perform this type of objects with quality materials and with sufficient experience to prevent them from becoming weak or dysfunctional. Do not hesitate to put your needs in the hands of a specialist, it will always be the best option.

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