Water Conservation Tips by a Water Purifier At Home

Water purifiers are a must-have item for every home in India. The pollution level is increasing daily, and it risks well-being and health. Water Borne diseases are one of the biggest killers in the country. Conventional water purification methods are not workable in eliminating bacteria, chemical impurities and viruses. One of the best ways to deal with the issue is the installation of water purifiers. Side by side, it is also essential to look for RO service near me in Allahabad. It ensures that your water purifier is working well and provides your family with fresh water.

One of the primary reasons why people do not use water purifiers is that water purifiers tend to waste a considerable amount of water. But the technology has advanced today, and some water purifiers do not waste any water and reject a minute quantity of water that you can reuse later. This article addresses the clever ways to conserve water at your home when using a water purifier.

Type of Water Purifier for Your Home

Before we talk about the processes for water conservation, an essential question that multiple people may ask is which option or model is the best for their home. There is no strict rule regarding water purifiers, and one of the best ways to pick the right option is by testing the water quality through a professional. Look for a water purifier service in Allahabad and request a professional to test the water quality. You can pick from multiple types of water purifiers in the market based on the results and the bacteria and impurities in water.

Primary Variations: UV and RO Water Purifiers

The UV water purification system uses ultraviolet lamps to disinfect water and remove viruses and deadly bacteria. These water purifiers are perfect for municipal corporations or purifying taps. They use ultraviolet rays to kill germs, microbes and bacteria UV lamps. The lamp radiation helps in killing the harmful impurities in water, making it pure to drink. One of the best things about this water purifier is that they do not waste any water throughout their purification procedure.

If the water you are getting at your home is filled with dissolved salts and chemical impurities, installing an RO water purifier is the only way. Remember to look for an RO service near me, as the professional will utilise a multistage purification procedure for eliminating multiple kinds of impurities at various stages. The rejected water can also be utilised for multiple household uses as stated here:

  • You can wash your car as it requires a lot of water, and it is one of the clever ways to reutilise rejected water from your water purifier. Rather than utilising clean water for washing your vehicle, store all your rejected water from the purification system in a different tank. Mix the wastewater with clean water for washing the vehicle, as it will clean your vehicle and help you save water.
  • You can use the rejected water for mopping your home floor regularly. Using clean water can waste a lot of water as the entire water goes to waste after mopping your floor. So you can utilise the wastewater from the RO water purifier, which can help you save approximately 10 to 15 litres of water daily. As the total dissolved solids in the water remain quite high, ensure to dilute the wastewater with tap water to decrease the possibilities of salt deposits and stains.
  • You are flushing your toilet even one time a day and wastes around 5 to 7 l of water regularly. The rejected water from your water purifier can be diluted with fresh water to decrease wastage. Check your toilet for stains and marks on porcelain areas after some days. Clean your toilet periodically with the help of toilet cleaners to avoid salt deposits.


If you are looking for an RO water purifier that will help you decrease water wastage and also will make your home water clean enough for consumption, make sure to look for a RO water purifier service in allahabad, as the professionals will make sure that you waste zero water by maintaining it periodically by utilising advanced technology. It will also ensure that the wastewater will be recirculated into your overhead tank with an internal pump.

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