The Growing Popularity of Cooking Shows

Cooking shows are gaining in popularity as more people watch them on television. In addition to the excitement of watching a new recipe segment, viewers may even be influenced to buy ingredients or cookbooks. This has many implications. Let’s look at a few of them. In 1984, viewers were largely indifferent to cooking. Today, however, these shows have helped to shape consumer preferences.


Television’s new cooking show subgenre has given rise to a variety of new forms of entertainment. Once the cooking show format was adapted from radio, it expanded on the novelty and suspense of the genre. It also provided viewers with a more personal perspective of the chef behind the food. While some people may not watch cooking shows, many people are obsessed with them. For example, The Great British Baking Show has over one million Facebook fans and numerous Reddit threads. Another popular cooking show is Masterchef, which has spawned many other shows like Masterchef Junior.


A recent study found that over half of US adults watched cooking shows at least once in their life. About a third of them have bought cookbooks and kitchen gadgets. Six percent of people have bought large appliances. However, the proportion of cooking show viewers who purchase large appliances is low. Baby boomers and Gen Xers are the largest viewers. These trends point to the widespread popularity of cooking shows on television.


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