The Best Consumer Insights Tools to Use in Market Research

Consumer insights are essential for modern marketing campaigns, as it allows marketers to understand their target audience more deeply. Analyzing data about consumer behavior, trends, culture, and more helps marketers create data-driven campaigns that better meet the needs of their customers. However, with the range of consumer insights tools available today, researchers can find themselves overwhelmed by which tools they should use. This article aims to shed light on some of the best consumer insight tools you should use for marketing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics programs in digital marketing. It enables marketers to view how web visitors interact with websites and view key metrics such as page views, session duration, geographical location, and device usage. Additionally, Google Analytics allows you to see what content resonates with your audience so that you can evolve your content strategy accordingly. Also, Google Analytics has the best research capabilities in the market, which makes it a great tool for consumer insights.


KISSmetrics is one of the most popular consumer insights tools you can use to analyze website data. It provides a simple user interface so that marketers can easily see key metrics such as unique visitors, bounce rate and time spent on a site. KISSmetrics also has an impressive real-time analysis capabilities that allows you to view how users are responding to changes on your site.


SurveyMonkey is a valuable tool for obtaining direct feedback from customers about their experiences with a product or brand. Through this research, you’ll be able to uncover customer insights and needs that are otherwise unspoken or unknown outside of surveys and interviews. Additionally, SurveyMonkey integrates well with other platforms, such as Slack and MailChimp making it easier for teams to collect feedback quickly from within other programs they already use.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is an important tool for businesses looking to get insights from their Facebook presence to refine their strategies around content scheduling, geotargeting, and ad placement. It has rich features that allow users to track things like followers’ engagement across different posts over time which can help brands understand the changes in how users interact with them online, both negatively or positively, over long periods. Marketers will benefit greatly by using this powerful consumer insights tool.

Qualtrics Research Core

Qualtrics Research Core is a comprehensive research platform designed to conduct online surveys. With its advanced analytics capabilities, Qualtrics allows users to draw actionable business insights based on collected consumer data across various channels, including social media networks and email campaigns. Not only does it enable users to create highly customized surveys easily, but it also provides an array of supporting features such as survey translations into multiple languages and comprehensive post-analysis reports, making it easier for marketers to make decisions based on consumer responses quickly.

Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights is an ideal tool if you operate a lot within social media communities as part of your daily marketing routines; With Hootsuite Insights, you’re able to analyze conversations happening across various platforms, including Twitter and Facebook-related topics such as current events or industry topics identified by keywords, giving researchers accurate real-time information on what people are talking about when it comes down digital marketing activities. Being equipped with this type of up-to-date intel can provide advantages when timing new initiatives or reacting dynamically when trends change suddenly.

About Netbase Quid

Netbase is a market intelligent platform that enables marketers to gain insights from social media conversations, blogs and message boards. The platform delivers a comprehensive view of its users’ interests, preferences and behavior across multiple channels. Consumers leverage this platform to track customer sentiments on social media in real time and personalize their marketing strategies accordingly. It also provides valuable customer data for businesses focusing on customer loyalty programs and lead generation.

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