Presentation A series 2022–2023

The highest level of italian ผลบอลสด is known as serie a, and this season will mark its ninety-first iteration since its founding in 1929. The league will still feature 20 teams, an all-vs-everyone format with 38 games, and a relegation and promotion system without any modifications to the fundamental framework. 

The calendar will be asymmetrical for the second year in a row, and the first round’s matchups will not be in the same order as the second.

With the exception of the seven spots awarded to serie a by uefa for the “scudetto,” the best teams will once more contend for the title of third-best league in europe. The goal is to compete in the three tournaments that have existed since last year, including the new conference league, which incidentally included mourinho’s roma taking on feyenoord. 

As a result, starting this season, the top four teams will progress to the champions league, the fifth and sixth to the europa league, and the seventh to the final aforementioned competition.

The competition has been able to generate more interest after two years when the winners are in milan rather than turin. This is because the equality that has existed in the top spots of the classification has allowed that opens up an enormous range of betting options.

Juventus is the undisputed champion of the entire tournament because it has won 34 championships throughout history and is the only italian team to have also won two intercontinental trophies. With 19 league trophies, inter is the only team in italy to have completed the “triple,” while ac milan, which has won the same number of leagues as its fellow milanese, is the second-most successful fifa-affiliated team in europe with seven champions league victories.

The winners over the previous five seasons:

  • Ac milan’s 2021–2022 season
  • Juventus season 2019-2020 inter season 2020-21
  • Juventus’ 2018–19 season
  • Juventus’ 2017–2018 campaign

Advice from our professionals for your serie a prediction games

This past season in italy has maintained serie a as the league with the second-highest goalscoring average within the top 5 of european leagues, even above the amazing premier league, after multiple seasons of shattering preconceptions about this league in terms of goalscoring and entertaining. 1,089 goals have been scored in 380 games for an average of 2.87 goals per game. Despite the fact that he scored three goals a game the previous season, his statistics are excellent.

Keeping with the theme, our experts have found that in serie a 21–22, the most frequent final result was 1–1, making “both scores” one of the best betting alternatives. In addition, it was shown that 24% of goals were scored in the stretch between minutes 76 to 90. Sassuolo and lazio, with more than 75% of their games having “more than 2.5 goals,” were among the clubs with the highest proportion, while juventus, unexpectedly, had the lowest rate with only 37% of its games. As evidenced by the fact that last year, 55.5% of games included at least three goals, goals can come from everywhere.

Even in the tragic year 2020, when there was no one in the stadiums, better numbers were achieved. This shows that the fan seems to have lost some influence and that betting on the local will not be profitable. On the other hand, with regard to the local factor, there is another fact that draws a lot of attention. This is that despite the stadiums opening with 100% capacity since february, serie a has the worst numbers in victories at home among the 5 major leagues.

How can I wager on serie a games?

Secondly, we’ll provide you a few pointers so you may base your Prediksi Liga Italia predictions on strategies and advice that will help you fail as little as possible and give you the best chance of placing a wager and succeeding.

To avoid confusion when you first walk into a casino, we will first demonstrate how odds using decimals work. There are american chances or odds in countries in central and north america as well, but today we will concentrate on decimals.

As implied by their name, decimal odds or odds are decimal quantities. Its value being inversely proportionate to an event’s likelihood provides the mathematical foundation for it. 

The amount you get by betting on the favorite will be less than the amount you get if you opt to risk for the weaker team, for example, if team a has an odd of 1.75 and team b has 4.33, team a is more likely to win. The math is straightforward; if you wager $10 on a team with chances of 2.00, then multiply your wager by the odds to determine your winnings, which will be $20.

Now that you are familiar with the game’s rules, the first thing you should know is that there are several marketplaces outside of the standard “1v2” alternatives in soccer that you may take advantage of. To accomplish this, you must understand how to read all the data and statistics that apps, websites, or bookies provide you with in order to perform your initial research before moving on to the “simple”.

You may find information about the form of the teams you plan to bet on, the number of goals they have recently scored or allowed, or, for instance, whether or not their most important players are available for that event, on a plethora of internet pages. 

Another statistic to consider is, for instance, if the game you’re going to bet on is between two teams that have been directly competing for the championship or for the position of permanence recently. From this, you can deduce that there will likely be few goals in that game because both teams will be attempting to play solid defense.

In a match between juventus and fiorentina, the turin team would naturally have the lowest quota due to the strength of their roster or the fact that they played at home, but chiesa is one of the injured casualties. 

This is a more realistic and clear example. Our wager might lean more toward a draw or even a win for the visitor, whether it be vlahovic or bonucci. The fact that allegri’s club has only won one of their past four serie a games against the viola team, as well as the fact that they have only scored two goals and given up six, might be used to explain for the most recent direct clashes.

Another tactic is to wager “live,” which means to watch the game for a few minutes. If the favorite scores first, his quota may increase, and it would then make more sense to stake your money on a team that, under normal circumstances, will continue to have a very high chance of winning and that will have 80 or 70 minutes to rally against a weaker team.

In addition, if betting on a single game doesn’t work out, you can combine bets on many games, choosing not only the winner of one game but also the number of goals scored in another. 

The benefit of placing a bet of this type is that you don’t need to take on excessive risk with really high odds to move closer to your objective, since the accumulation of a few odds around 1.40 or 1.50 can increase your $10 stake to more than $20 or $25.

Last but not least, our experts highly advise entering and comparing odds for the same match from other bookies, including bet365, codere, betcris, betsson, etc., to choose the one that is most favorable to you. 

Your expectations, since they compete with one another every week to spark interest in your company among an increasing number of people. For instance, the local victory in a milan vs. Lazio match may be provided at 1.75 on one side and at 2.0 in other areas. As a result, you can see how this seemingly insignificant variation in odds can provide you with significant extra profits. If you manage to hit and win the award, it will be satisfactory.

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