Premium Games That Make Mega888 A Casino To Play At

What’s the thing you notice at an online casino? Well, at first glance, it’s probably the layout that the casino has to offer. Regarding the design, you’d likely ensure that the theme is vibrant, eye-catching and smooth. However, once you are done with the layout, the next big thing that matters at an online casino is the casino’s games for all its players. 

If the games aren’t updated, are fewer in number, lag while playing or have flaws, then chances are that you might avoid playing at the online casino. Nonetheless, we can assure you that Mega888 is a casino that is flawless when it comes to the quality of the games. 

Simultaneously, the number of games at the live casino is no less; there is a wide variety of games that you can play at kemas kini Mega888. The collection of games is so enormous that, at times, finding the best premium games is challenging. 

So if you want to enjoy the best of the best games, keep reading. This article will cover some of the best premium games you should try at least once at Mega888. Let’s get started!

  • Motorcycle

If you are up for a thrilling bicycle slot game, then Motorcycle is the casino game you should try. The game is perfect for genuine motorcycle enthusiasts, and if you are a bike lover, rate chaser and rock music fan, then this is the slot game you shouldn’t miss out on. The game is designed by LFC888 and has 30 cover lines and five reels, and offers 3D graphics. 

In the game, you can spin your way through the racing track, search for multipliers, accumulate free spin and get crazy wins with generous bonuses. However, the only hurdle you will face on the racing tracks is the monkeys. So it all comes down to the players and how they tackle them throughout the game.

  • Wolf Hunter

The next game on the list is a relatively new one, and this game was released in late 2018.  The Wolf Hunter is a video slot game which has 20 pay lines along with a Victorian decoration which several Gothic horror lovers adore. In the game, you have to deal with evil werewolves, which are disguised as individuals to prey on the innocent through the nighttime.

The game’s volatility is rated medium to high, so it’s safe to expect high profit from this slot game. The game has everything set up perfectly, from the story to everything else. 

The graphics of the game is commendable and gives off the perfect thematic vibe that you can expect from a wolf-themed game. Lastly, the game has a soundtrack and goes well with the animations already there.

  • Steam Tower

If you feel like the first two games aren’t your type, you would want to try Steam Tower. The game is a well-known slot game which has five slots and 15 cover lines slots. The game is themed in the 19th century Victorian age and relies on steampunk. The game also gives an additional touch of the sci-fi Tesla era. 

You will find loads of bonuses; there is an outstanding Free Spins function. In the free spins function, the multiplier can go up to 7x. You will start the game from the first floor of the steam tower and will ascend upwards to more bases in the game. 

There are 16 floors that players have to play on, each more challenging than the last one. All in all, the game’s graphics and animations are simply outstanding. The game plot is decent, and casino gamers can have a delightful time with this game.

  • Cleopatra

The next game on the list takes you back to ancient Egyptian times. The game is a video slot game which has three rows, five reels, along with 20 selectable pay lines. The overall theme and design of the game are pretty impressive, and you will find loads of features. 

There is an auto-spin option, and the quality of graphics is also adjustable, which is a feature that you wouldn’t find in many slot games. You can change the graphics from the handy menu you would find in the game. The set-up of the game is standard and is best for players who are into the ancient Egyptian genre. 

Some of the symbols you would find in the game are lotuses, scarabs, and gold pendants. These are the symbols that would get you higher payouts. Furthermore, the game has an RTP of 95.13%, and Cleopatra is the game’s wild symbol.

  • 7 Crazy

The next game on the list is 7 Crazy or better known as the Crazy 7. The game is one of the most simple and efficient games you can get in the category of slot games. The game is straightforward and doesn’t have a lot of twists and turns, making it one of the best games for a new player. 

The game’s overall design is comparatively simple, and the game has an understandable interface. Whereas the game’s mechanics are simple, they are easy to learn, and since there are no fancy mechanics, the game works well for new and fresh players. 

The game’s goal is simple, all you need to do is place the bet, click on spin and then wait for the game to work its magic! 

Playtech develops the game, one of the best casino game developers you will find out there, and the game has three reels and one pay line, which is comparatively less than other games on this list. The game has a 96.98% RTP which is decent, but you won’t be getting any jackpots in the game.


There is a wide variety of casino games that you will find at Mega888. However, it all comes down to personal preferences and what type of games one enjoys at an online casino. So whenever you play at Mega888, ensure you know the games you want to play to enjoy a premium casino experience. Click here “mega888 test id account test1 – test10000 password aa1234” to practice before play in real money.

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