Poker WPT: Rules, Players & Prizes

For people who play live poker tournaments in casinos and card rooms or those who may be new to the game altogether, playing online provides a number of opportunities that brick-and-mortar play simply cannot match.

For example, playing poker WPT offers numerous benefits that a real-world venue could never compete with. From massive playing fields to larger payouts to micro-stakes, online poker has created a market for poker enthusiasts of all skill ranges and budgets. Read on to learn more about the ways internet poker differs from physical games, as well as some of the unique rules and amenities that accompany it.

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Online Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Although many of the basic rules which govern tournament play are universal, playing online presents a set of unique circumstances that require their own clarification. Here are a few examples:

Time Bank

Unlike live play, when you are playing online you begin every hand with a clock already on you. Usually, the alerts start when you have 15 seconds remaining. If you continue to let your time bank run all the way down every hand, you will begin each turn at the alert point.


In the early days of online poker, collusion was much easier and more common. Today, however, security measures are much more advanced and suspicious play can be caught by computer algorithms. Being caught colluding often leads to the forfeiture of funds and banishment from the site.

Disconnect/All-In Protection

This is something that could never happen in a real-world game, but can and will happen in the online world. If you find yourself involved in a hand and you lose your connection, you are treated as though you are all in. You will remain in the hand but you can only win up to the amount you wagered before being disconnected.

Also, there is normally a limit on how many times this can happen (usually 2), to avoid players abusing it.

All Types and Levels of Players

The amount of action that a site like poker WPT offers means that you will run into all kinds of players and styles on any given day. However, based on the stakes you play, you can generally expect to find:

  • Less skilled, amateurish players and maniacs (low stakes)
  • A decent mix of amateurs, moderate players, and advanced players (medium stakes)
  • A lot of top-end players and high-rolling amateurs (high stakes)

Various Payouts and Prizes

One of the best things about playing online is the incredible variety of prizes that are offered. In addition to the standard payouts offered in various tournaments, you can also play in satellites where instead of winning cash, you receive an entry into a higher-stake tournament.

Poker WPT Offers Incredible Games 24/7

One final thing that’s unique to online play is the fact that you can enter a tournament at pretty much any time of the day. Whether it’s 2pm or 2am, there is always action available at the more popular poker sites, such as WPT Global

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