Mostbet Uz Affiliate Programs

Mostbet uz is an online betting and iGaming company that offers a wide range of products. Its offers include sports and eSports gambling, as well as casino games.

The Mostbet uz affiliate program is available in more than 50 GEOs and accepts CPA and RevShare. Partners can choose a pricing model.

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Last Touch Attribution model

If you have a complex customer journey, attribution modeling can be challenging. However, a last touch attribution model can help you better understand how to make the most of your marketing dollars.

In a perfect world, every lead would be exposed to your brand’s messaging, find the product they want to buy and ultimately convert. But in reality, the customer journey is more complicated than that – and attribution models are needed to give your leads the credit they deserve for their many interactions with your brand.

The mostbet uz Affiliate Programs uses a Last Touch Attribution model to measure conversions. This model assigns 100% of the credit to the last channel that a lead interacted with before converting.

High conversion rate

The Mostbet uz Affiliate Programs use a Last Touch Attribution model that credits all commissions to the partner who has the last touchpoint in the client’s conversion path. This is especially important when the user clicks on another partner’s link first, but then completes the signup process through yours.

The program’s team has developed a number of strategies and tactics over the years that help attract and convert gamers through special offers, incentives and tournaments. Webmasters can access a wide pool of promotional materials, including website banners, iOS and Android apps, personal prizes for attracted players, demo accounts for creative creation and fresh promo materials regularly posted in a Telegram chat.

Mostbet partners are assigned a personal manager who is always available to answer your questions. They also advise on traffic and offer individual rate conditions.

Wide GEOs

Mostbet uz offers partners a range of GEOs to promote their sports and casino deals. The most common are Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, India and Turkey. These countries are among the biggest markets for betting, and can monetize a significant amount of traffic.

In addition, Mostbet has an uncomplicated registration process and a personal manager to assist their partners. This is a nice touch, especially if you’re new to the industry.

The Mostbet team has developed several strategies and techniques over the years to attract and convert gamers. This includes a wide range of promotional materials, from website banners to iOS and Android apps to personal prizes for drawn-in gamers. The Mostbet Team also has a well-conceived loyalty program, which is a good way to keep your existing clients coming back for more.

Easy to monetize

Mostbet uz is a betting and iGaming vertical product that gives its partners the opportunity to monetize their traffic. This program allows partners to advertise bet deals in GEOs where the audience has not yet burned out and is ready to play in casinos and place sports bets.

The program also has special tools for monetizing traffic, such as pre-landing pages and banners. These are available in multiple languages and are ready to be used instantly.

Affiliates are able to earn money by sending referral links through email, SMS text messages, social networks, instant messengers and other channels. This way, they receive a predetermined percentage of the sales generated by each player that registers via their referral link.


Mostbet Partners is one of the most well-known betting and iGaming vertical products, and it provides its partners with the opportunity to monetize their traffic. It offers two price matrices: CPA (for authorized FTD) and RevShare. Payouts can reach $75 for CPA and up to 60% for RevShare.

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