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The website Extramovies is one of the most popular movie websites on the internet. It has many features that make it convenient for users to download movies and watch them at their leisure. Using this site is easy and you can do it from any device. You can search for your favorite movie using the search bar. When you find the desired film, click on the download link. Once you have the download link, you can choose the format and quality of your download.

Variety of languages

This site allows you to stream or download movies from all over the world. Users can choose from a variety of languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi and other Indian dialects. There are also links to other movie downloading websites, allowing you to choose the format and quality you prefer.

The site is completely free to use. However, users are encouraged to install a VPN. VPNs will protect your privacy while you are downloading and streaming movies. Additionally, you can avoid getting hacked and having your devices destroyed.

While the website is free to use, you must be aware that it contains copyrighted content. In addition, it hosts a large number of viruses and malware. As a result, you should always use a VPN when downloading content from websites such as Extramovies. This way, you will be safe and you will be able to use the site without any worry.

The arrangements

Another reason to be cautious is that some of the sites on the Internet have inaccurate bits of gossip about the arrangements of the site. Some of the sites also spread illegal android apps that can harm your device. To avoid these problems, you should only visit legitimate and legal websites.

Luckily, there are some alternatives that can replace Extramovies, and all of them are safe and legal. For instance, there are several video streaming websites such as Amazon Prime Videos. These sites have a huge number of movies and other creators’ content. They are also available for monthly or annual subscription fees.

Another alternative to ExtraMovies is Bollywoodhub. There are various genres of movies on the website. For example, the site has Telugu movies, Tamil movies, and trending documentaries. Its download speed is fast and it provides good audio quality. If you are interested in this site, you can start browsing through its contents and see what you like.

Range of genres

Other alternatives to Extra Movies are Torrenting. This is a method of downloading movies that works similarly to Broadband/LAN. Many people prefer to use it because it is secure and it uses fewer resources on your device.

One of the most popular alternative websites is Bollywoodhub. On this site, you will find a wide range of genres of movies, including Bollywood, Telugu, and Tamil. You can choose from the genres you want and download the movie. It is the perfect option for those who are interested in a more comprehensive movie list.


Extra Movies is a free movie site that allows you to download films. Users can select from several formats and sizes to watch their favorites at their own convenience.

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