Law & Order – Why is it So Popular?

The premise of the series is simple: police officers investigate crimes and try to solve them. Law & Order is a classic police procedural that has inspired numerous crime dramas, from the popular “CSI” series to the wildly successful and popular “Law & Order SVU.” The show’s popularity is so great that CBS decided to create a spin-off that has run continuously since 1999: the Special Victims Unit. However, while the premise of the show is still the same, it has evolved and adapted to reflect the contemporary world.

When NBC picked up Law & Order out of retirement, the ratings were still very good, and it did not recover after Orbach left in 2004. The show was able to avoid caricatures and make the crimes more serious, and viewers could enjoy thoughtful debates about the crime in question. The show was also filmed in New York City, and it featured many famous guest stars. It’s no wonder Law & Order has lasted for 20 years and has yet to fall out of favor. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

Although Law & Order did not directly address the issue of racism, it did highlight the pitfalls of police bias and how these crimes are handled. Law & Order never tackled the issue of fundamental bias, which the series is attempting to address through the good-guy Price. Instead, it introduced a much more complex conversation about ethics in the show. Even the characters in Law & Order admit that the rules of the game don’t make it right, and that police business as usual can unfairly exploit people.

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