Food Poisoning at School

Have you ever gotten food poisoning at school? If yes, then you should seek medical attention for a serious case. Even though school lunches are typically safe and nutritious, food poisoning can still cause unpleasant side effects. Although a claim against the school district is unlikely, parents of seriously ill children can still file a lawsuit against an outside entity. However, many parents of severely ill children are reluctant to bring this type of case to court for fear of the school district’s stance.

Although these incidents are relatively rare, the incidences can be dangerous for your health. In India, another school lunch sent a few students to the hospital, while another in Bihar sent several kids to the hospital. It should be noted that food poisoning is not exclusive to India – reports from Rwanda and Mexico have revealed food-borne illness incidents with deadly consequences. In any case, you should be cautious whenever you are at school.

There are many steps parents can take to keep the school food safe. For example, students should wash their hands frequently after using the bathroom and before eating. School cafeterias are notorious for their germs, so it’s crucial that parents keep their children clean. When they get home from school, parents should wipe their children’s hands with a soapy cloth and inspect the cabinets for any evidence of rodent droppings or dead rodents.

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