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If you want to read manga online, there are many websites that you can use to browse through all of the latest manga comics. One of the most popular sites is Mangastream. It has a large database of comics, ranging from a variety of different genres. The website also offers various tools that help you get started, such as a chat room, a discussion forum, and an A-Z section.

Your favorite titles

Another site is KissManga. This website has a library of over 100k comics. They update their comics frequently, so you can always be sure that you’ll have the most up-to-date collection. You’ll even get notifications when new chapters are added, so you can make sure to never miss out on any of your favorite titles. There’s a kids section, too, so you can get your fill of the comics without having to worry about what’s appropriate for your little ones.

While you can’t download Manga from these websites, you can use them as a reference to look up the titles. There’s also an option to rate the characters in a series, so you can find a good story to read that’s perfect for you. And the fact that these sites are free is another reason to check them out.

Favorite characters

Those looking for more of a “community” feel should look into AnimePlanet. You’ll be able to participate in a discussion forum, vote for your favorite characters, and watch anime online. The site’s clean user interface will also make your experience easier.

Another alternative is MangaFreak, which features the newest manga online. However, it’s not as well known as some of the other mangastream alternatives. But it’s still a great website for reading comics.

Another site to consider is MangaOwl. Not only does it have a large database, but they also have the ability to translate the comics into a variety of languages. In addition, they offer a comment section below each manga series. That way, you can give them a quick thumbs up or down if you like the manga.

a specific country

You can’t really go wrong with any of these mangastream alternatives. In fact, the website you choose might depend a lot on the type of manga you’re interested in. For instance, you might prefer to browse manga from a specific country, or you might want to browse all manga. Regardless, all of these sites have a nice selection of comics that you can enjoy.

Finally, there’s also MangaReborn. This website hosts a huge community of readers who love manga. They can ask questions and post answers on the forums, and the site’s forums are updated regularly with news and information. Additionally, the site is in two different languages, so you can select the language that is most convenient for you.


Overall, these websites are a great way to explore all of your favorite manga. You can browse through manga in different languages, explore the history of the comic, and bookmark your favorites for later reading. These sites are free to use, and the content is usually fresh.

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