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Top online casino Malaysia like the Maxim88 betting platform works to satisfy players from different regions. Players from Malaysia may prefer slot games, while those in Singapore may prefer fishing games. Others may like to engage in live casino games. And there are millions of bettors who like to enjoy different games after placing their bet on the sportsbook. To keep everyone happy, Maxim88 offers an extensive list of games and bets to registered members.

While this is exciting and potentially rewarding, newbies often get overwhelmed with what to play. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, live casino Malaysia are always great options to explore. And one of the most generous providers of casino games is Dream Gaming. The entertainment brand offers a few live casino games on Maxim88. However, all the games guarantee memorable and lucrative gambling experiences. If you would like to check out Dream Gaming and available casino games on Maxim88, here is everything you need to know.

Introduction to Dream Gaming

Within the online gaming industry, Dream Gaming stands out for multiple reasons. Firstly, the game provider keeps getting international recognition, with more players appreciating their betting products. Dream Gaming offers highly sophisticated live casino games to its increasing players. Gaming products such as Sic Bo, Roulette, Baccarat, etc., are accessible on Windows PC, tablets and smartphones, including Android and iOS devices. Also, the games support multiple languages, including Malay, Thai, English, Viet, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, etc.

Dream Gaming products are popular in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries. Hence, it is unsurprising that casino games from the entertainment platform are available on the widely respected Maxim88 Malaysia casino. Dream Gaming only partners with well-known online casinos. Most betting sites offering Dream Gaming games feature good customer support, seamless payment methods, and high-security standards. The picky approach of Dream Gaming ensures that reliable and trustworthy online casinos offer all its products.  

Available Live Casino Games from Dream Gaming

By choosing to play Dream Gaming games at the live casino section on Maxim88, you wouldn’t need to rack your brain before making a proper choice. The active games are only five currently, but it is only right to have background knowledge before deciding. Learn about the games below:

1. Roulette

Most experience physical and online casinos are familiar with Roulette. The live casino variant is even more exciting and easily accessible compared to the offline table game. Live Roulette is among the most widely played games by Malaysian players. The live Roulette from Dream Gaming is highly realistic and immersive. The gaming sessions are delivered via live HD cameras with experienced croupiers managing the game from beginning to end. 

Roulette gameplay requires getting accustomed to the rules, type of bets involved and strategies to win. However, you basically need to make your bets, followed by the dealer throwing a ball into the wheel. Once the ball starts rolling in the wheel, you cannot place any bet again. If you bet on a number combo, and the balls land on your predicted combination of figures, you win. The bet could also be on colours. If you win, the croupier will announce you as the winner. 

2. Baccarat

Here is another world-famous table game from Dream Gaming. The brand keeps Baccarat safe and secure, making players feel confident in the game. The appealing visuals and smiling croupiers will make you feel comfortable throughout the game. As you are streaming the game via multiple cameras, you can chat with the dealers. This makes you feel like you are playing in a land-based casino. 

As a player on the Baccarat table, you can bet on either Banker’s hand or the Player’s hand. Once you stake your bet, the dealer will release two cards to all the players. Afterwards, the house will deal another Player card, followed by the Banker card. The sum of a player’s card value should be closer to nine compared to their rivals. If you hold a higher card value, you win.

3. Three Cards 

This is a variant of the poker game from Dream Gaming. Playing Three Cards requires understanding some terms, such as Ante, Pair Plus, Raise, etc. This live casino game is managed by experienced dealers who take players’ bets and announce the winner. The gameplay is not difficult. First off, you need to make an ante and/or pair plus bet. The dealer will release three cards; then you can decide whether to fold or play. 

After making your decision, there would be a flipping of the dealers’ cards. Now, the dealer’s card value will be compared to the player’s hand. Anyone with the higher hand wins the game. A player may receive an Ante Bonus if he or she makes an Ante wager and a Play wager, then end up with a straight or higher card value. 

4. Sic Bo

This live casino game is arguably the easiest gaming product from Dream Gaming. However, there are pleasant elements to the visuals, making the game quite interesting to watch. Sic Bo has different bets, including Big & Small bets, Specific Triples Bet, Any Triples bet, Doubles bet, Dice combination bets, Three Dice Total bets, Single Dice bet, and Odd & Even bets.  

Regardless of bet choice, the gameplay is straightforward. You only need to bet on the potential outcome of three dice roll. The experience dealers will throw the dice while the players watch. The gameboard will displace the various bets, and the dealer will announce the winning bets once the dice stop rolling. 

5. Dragon Tiger

Here is another easy-to-play iGaming product from Dream Gaming on Maxim88 casino. Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced game that is played with cards. The live casino game variant from the game provider enables players to enjoy the games without leaving their place of comfort. 

To play Dragon Tiger, you only need to bet on either Dragon or Tiger. This is done by placing the chips in the corresponding box, depending on your preferred bet. Afterwards, the croupier will release one card for each set and put them on the corresponding boxes on the table. If your bet has the highest card value, then you win.  


Maxim88 experiences increased players due to the effort put into satisfactory gaming. By choosing to play Dream Gaming casino games on the Malaysia online casino, you can expect a fair, secure and rewarding gaming experience. All players’ information and finances are protected using multiple security measures. Customer support is always available to assist, while bonuses will help keep your winnings on the high side. Players are encouraged to explore the online casino to play Dream Gaming products and more. 

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