Did God Create the Universe For His Entertainment?

Does the universe exist just for God’s entertainment? The answer is a resounding “no.” We live in an age of science fiction, where similar quotes and stories pop up in movies and on TV. Some actors praise the universe for their good luck while others express apprehension, wondering if the universe is punishing them or preparing something better for them. Did God create the universe for His entertainment?

Some people believe that God created the universe for his own entertainment, while others say that He did it for ours. In the latter case, it is unlikely that God created the universe for his own entertainment. He had probably been busy devising ideas for a new society, looking for backers and attempting to get his plans approved in the Council of Heaven. He was also planning God’s Own Country, contemplating the fate of men from Mars and women from Venus, drafting Mother Earth, and teaching Jesus to play marbles. In the latter scenario, God was probably busy with the details of his plans, negotiating contracts with the NSW Government and awaiting approval of His development application.

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The creator of the universe crafted everything, from tiny insects to enormous creatures. The creation of life on earth is a wonder to behold – not only the creatures on it, but also the entire universe. The earth is filled with diatoms – microscopic plants – that make tons of oxygen. And the ocean itself is a praise of God to the creator. As a result, God is pleased with his creation and delights in revealing his wisdom.

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