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Eros Now A Review of the Indian OTT Movie Platform

Eros Now is one of the largest OTT movie offering platforms in India. The company has created a significant footprint of audiences that spans beyond the diaspora markets. This includes a growing international presence, as well as a substantial library of movie titles. In addition to its original content offerings, the company also offers television programming and music videos.

Appreciated by audiences

The company currently has over 12,000 film titles in its library. It has built strong relationships with key participants including production companies, leading talent, and exhibitors. These partnerships have helped the company rapidly scale its reach. Additionally, its original content has been highly rated and appreciated by audiences.

The company’s original content offerings include a wide array of genres, such as drama, comedy, and thriller. The company is also working to expand its library with originals in upcoming months. For now, it will offer content in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. The company expects to add more languages in the future. A majority of the company’s viewers are younger, with a large share in the 18-34 age group. They prefer to watch entertainment in their native language.

Consumer relationships

While the company’s viewership numbers are still limited, it has seen a significant increase in consumption and engagement in the past few months. In addition, Eros Now has become the leading South Asian channel. Its growth has been driven by symbiotic partnerships with third party distribution partners and mobile telecom operators. However, the company is pivoting its strategy to focus on direct-to-consumer relationships.

To strengthen its reach, the company is launching a new subscription product. Customers can take advantage of an annual subscription for a reduced rate. In addition, customers will get three months of free service. Moreover, users can use credit cards to make payment. Depending on their preferences, they can also club the cost of their subscription with discounts offered by banks.

Extensive portfolio

Eros Now is accessible on a wide range of internet-enabled devices. The company has a large distribution network that consists of more than 120 partners. Additionally, its partnership with Microsoft allows it to use its backend video technology on Azure. With its extensive portfolio of movies and TV shows, Eros Now is positioned to be a leader in the OTT space.

The company’s base paid subscribers are more than 18.8 million. These subscribers are either directly subscribed to the service or are bundled into an existing package from a distributor. Currently, the company’s premium paid subscribers account for approximately 19.0 million subscribers. Since the company believes the Premium Paid subscribers are a more meaningful indicator of the platform’s performance, it will continue to focus on them.


In its last fiscal year, Eros Now saw a sharp increase in its total paid subscribers. It is expected to see a modest decline in the number of Premium Paid subscribers during the final months of calendar 2020. At the same time, the company expects its net effective ARPUs to grow. During the next five years, the company is aiming for an average global ARPU of $1.20 to $1.30.

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