6 of the Best Mobile Apps That Can Boost Your Online Sales

Running an online business can be exciting. However, it can also be frustrating and time-consuming. According to LinkedIn’s State of Sales report, there’s a strong correlation between a salesperson’s performance and the tools they use to get the job done. So, if you want to achieve success (and who doesn’t?), using the right tools and technology is essential.

Mobile apps can help make the running of your businesses much smoother. This article explores some of the best mobile apps that can help you ramp up online sales.

Sales training apps

A well-trained salesforce can outsell the competition hand over fist. Also, teaching your staff better skills can increase customer service. According to global market research firm Forrester, brands that deliver superior customer service bring in 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors whose efforts lag in this area.

Salespeople are often constantly on the move. As a result, carving out time for learning can be a challenge. Using mobile training apps allows companies to offer online sales training. With sales training apps, teams can tap into learning programs anytime, anywhere. Some apps also offer customized training. As a result, sales teams can receive the exact on-the-go training they need, which is usually a more effective solution.

Customer relationship management (CRM) apps

Mobile CRM tools provide immediate access to critical and up-to-date customer information. With key details at their fingertips, salespeople can drive more personalized conversations that deliver value and invaluable insights.

Swift access to well-organized customer information can also improve prospecting. As a result, your team can jump on new opportunities faster, resulting in shorter buying cycles. Shorter cycles help accelerate revenue growth.

Increasing average order value (AOV) can be a quick, direct, and inexpensive way to boost online sales. Personalization is one of the most effective ways to persuade customers to fork over more cash. Personalization requires information, which is another great reason to invest in mobile CRM technology.

Customer loyalty apps

Customer loyalty tools are a proven way to boost customer retention. Online business sales training say that improving customer retention leads to a boost in revenue. According to online marketing software producer Semrush, existing customers are 31% more likely to increase their average order value and 50% more likely to try your new products or services.

Loyalty apps are also a powerful way to reel in customers. Invesp reports that almost 70% of customers choose their retailer based on whether they can earn customer loyalty rewards and points. Customers who are part of a loyalty program also tend to be more receptive to marketing campaign messages.

Email tracking apps

Email can dramatically increase online revenue in several ways. For example, an effective campaign can boost conversions, traffic, and lead generation. Also, according to Obelro, email is the main driver of customer retention. However, to harvest any of the impressive returns linked to this mode of communication, you need metrics.

This is where apps that allow you to track email come in handy. Email tracking tools can uncover data that can help improve profits. For example, you can find out when and how your customers engage with your emails. In turn, improving your engagement can boost revenue and referrals.

Inventory management apps

Customer experiences can impact the bottom line. One thing that can hamper a positive customer experience is a lack of products. Sales training recommend online businesses invest in an inventory management system to avoid disappointing customers.

Inventory management systems help ensure that productivity levels remain optimal. For example, the program can synchronize orders and inventory. This process helps ensure that you don’t oversell.

Keeping a close eye on what’s available also gives you a better understanding of demand. Knowing what drives interest in your products can lead to higher inventory turnover and greater profits.

Social media apps

If you’re looking to improve online profits, don’t forget to consider the power of social media apps. By optimizing your online social apps, you can convince hot leads to buy. Studies show that social media has a higher lead-to-close rate than any other form of digital marketing.

Social media apps also help you be more visible in a crowded space. With more brand visibility and awareness comes more opportunities for converting potential customers into paying customers.

Social media can also help advance sales by giving you a platform to share content from other buyers. Before buying something online, most buyers tend to want to make sure the brand is trustworthy. Hearing from other shoppers can motivate leads to buy. According to an Olapic study, 70% of US-based respondents are more likely to buy products after seeing positive content from other consumers.

The key to improving profits with social media is to choose the right platform. Today, there are a whole host of options. However, trying to use and monitor all of the apps is rarely effective. Instead, it pays to choose the apps that your customers use, not the ones you prefer.

Wrapping it up

Mobile applications can help you sell smarter and faster, and could result in explosive revenue growth. The more technology advances, the more tools continue to appear. So, keep your eyes peeled so you can be front of the line take advantage of the latest apps.

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