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5 Signs You Need Body Wash Benzoyl Peroxide Due to Hormones

Live a day in the life of someone with acne, and you’ll realize that it can be a miserable battle trying to keep things under control. Understanding why you need to use products like body wash benzoyl peroxide is as important as how to use them. Moreover, there are a number of triggers, such as hormones. But how do you know if your acne is hormonal?

Once you’re out of your teens and the effects of puberty have faded away, there is a range of signs that point towards your acne having hormones as a major cause. Here are five more to help guide you to your ideal treatment and the relief you deserve. 

Do You Need Body Wash Benzoyl Peroxide For Hormone Reasons?

Hormonal acne is what it sounds like – acne that has fluctuating hormones as it’s a primary driving factor. Especially when talking about women, hormones like progesterone and estrogen fluctuate significantly during the course of any month. That said, it’s not always immediately obvious you’ve got a hormone-related breakout, so let’s look at five compelling signs that’s the case. 

Sign #1 – You’re Not 16 Anymore!

The first sign you’re in need of body wash benzoyl peroxide because of fluctuating, non-puberty-related hormones is the fact you’re still getting breakouts in your 20s. Women tend to be most active hormonally speaking during this stage in their lives, so it’s not uncommon for females to experience it during these periods. If you’re getting breakouts as a 20-something lady, there’s a good chance it’s hormonal bitsandboxes

Sign #2 – Your Breakouts Happen Once a Month, Like Clockwork

Your menstrual cycle typically happens once every month, with hormones fluctuating in line with the time of each month. Even post-menopausal women get monthly cycles like this. As such, if your zits keep appearing roughly the same time each month as if by clockwork, you’ve almost certainly got hormone-related acne. 

Sign #3 – You Get Regular Beard Acne

You don’t have to be a man to get beard acne, as it’s simply a term that’s used to describe zits that crop up on your jawline and chin. Science can’t yet determine why beard acne is closely related to hormone changes, but it can tell you that it’s linked. If that sounds like you, again, it’s hormones at play. 

#4 – Your Zits Are Accompanied By Stress 

Everyone can have a bad day, but if you find that you get regular spots AND regular bouts of anger and stress, they could be linked. If your hormones are affecting your mood, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re also affecting your skin. If you’ve got both stress and zits, it’s almost certain they’re connected by hormones lifeline hospital.

#5 – You’ve Got Moderate-Severe Body Acne

If the acne you’re experiencing is mild (whiteheads & blackheads), this tends to be due to skin pore blockages rather than anything else. However, when you’ve got moderate to severe acne, meaning you’ve got painful cysts here and there, this tends to be more closely linked to hormone changes. Combined with any of the other signs, it’s a big indicator.

Treat All Kinds of Acne With Body Wash Benzoyl Peroxide

By now, you should have a good idea whether you have hormonal acne or a kind that’s triggered in other ways. The good news is that you can use BP wash for any kind of acne, but it does require a method and patient approach. 

Understanding the problem you’re dealing with is half the issue, so hopefully, by reading this blog, you’ll be better placed to deal with yours. 

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